They call him Captain Save-a-Ho…

But, to me, he’s Dane Kelly, my gorgeous crush and star of all my explicit fantasies. Unfortunately, I don’t register on his radar—even with the dwindling number of single girls in our small town of Magnolia Springs.

Then, the sexy mechanic-next-door surprises me with an offer I can’t refuse. Just so I can save face in front of my lying, backstabbing Ex. Maybe Dane really does have a thing for rescuing damsels in distress.

But lines get blurred, and I find it harder and harder to keep my infatuation with him a secret. Especially when I swear he whispers my name while he’s in the shower. This was supposed to be a favor, but his actions appear more real than fake.

Could he finally notice me as more than a quirky, cute boutique owner? Seems like it when he strokes my thigh under the table and caresses the skin of my exposed back with his thumb.

Maybe this relationship isn’t so fake after all…

Welcome to Magnolia Springs! If you’re looking for laugh out loud moments with lots of swoon and sexy book boyfriends, then you’ve come to the right place! All the books in this series are complete standalones featuring a different couple, each with a HEA! You can enjoy these books in any order.

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