I’m a sinner who doesn’t play; I only win…


I’m a man who’s irresistible enough to charm the panties off a nun and sly enough to take all your money in a game of poker. But make no mistake that as a member of Satan’s Disciples, I can be ruthless and deadly when I need to be.


Except when it comes to her.


Dove James was the girl I knew I shouldn’t touch because she was destined for greater things far better than our small town. But one look at the seductive curves sensually swaying on stage at the Emerald Club, and I immediately know my little bird didn’t find the life she was meant for. Instead, she found something dark and cruel. Something that’s changed her forever in a way that I don’t like.


Gone is the sweet and innocent girl with the warm smile and kind eyes. There’s only Dallas now, the sexy and luscious dancer who’s tough and cold-hearted. A woman who refuses to tell me about her past or where she’s been.


But that won’t fly with me; not for long.


I’m going to find out what happened to my little bird, and I will break through the fortress she’s built around her heart. Because I refuse to lose her for a second time and let her get away from me.


She will fly again, my little bird. And she will be mine. 


My Dove.


GAMBLE is book 5 in the SATAN’S DISCIPLES MC SERIES. This is an instalove,  motorcycle club romance with lots of steam and a touch of grit.



Faithful. Loyal. Ruthless.

The men of SATAN’S DISCIPLES MOTORCYCLE CLUB live a dangerous lifestyle with deadly consequences. And that’s just the way these possessive alphas like it. Get ready for a long, hard ride with the bad boys of Carnage, Nevada, in these sexy, sinful HEAs that are guaranteed to leave you satisfied and breathless.

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