Wrapped in Holly



(Coming November 30th)

Ten years later and my heart’s broken all over again. Merry f*cking Christmas to me.


It’s no secret I hate the holidays, and those who know me understand why. But this year, I’m really being a Scrooge when I get booked at the last minute to coordinate stunts for some sappy, feel-good romance movie. 


There goes my plans for Christmas break. 


And just when I didn’t think it could get any worse, Hailey Walker struts on set. I still remember the day she walked out of my life and took my heart with her. And I’ve loved her every day since. 


I shouldn’t have let her go back then, and I’m not letting her go now. Whatever I have to do, I will convince her to stay this time.


Assuming she can handle the secret I’ve been keeping all the years…


WRAPPED IN HOLLY is a lighthearted, fast-paced, holiday rom-com with all the feels and an HEA.  And there’s plenty of spice in this second-chance, interracial shorty to keep you toasty warm on a chilly night. 


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