Dad Bod Dom



He may look a little soft, but don’t let his DAD BOD fool you! With just one look, this Daddy Dom will have you on your knees like a good little girl…

I’ve lived in this small town my whole life, but I’ve never run into him. That is, until we literally crash into each other at our kids’ school. And that’s when I realize our kids are best friends, and there’s no escaping the sexy single dad.

So, imagine my surprise when I find out the man who sets my panties on fire with his southern charm and killer smile—the same man who saves me from completely falling apart during an anxiety attack—is none other than the uber-popular social media celebrity known for showcasing his shirtless, cabinetry skills while displaying his glorious dad bod for thousands of thirsty moms’ viewing pleasure. How did I not know he was that Logan Montgomery?

But I know something they don’t know. I get a whole different side of Logan that he shares just with me. A dominant, protective side saved for when I’m a good girl.

Because when I’m a good girl, I get Daddy.

DAD BOD DOM promises all the feels with laughs, heartfelt moments, and even some fast-paced action! Get ready to instantly swoon with this small-town, sexy, single Dad romance guaranteed to leave you with a HEA!

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