My new boss is the sexiest man I’ve ever seen… And it looks like I might have to kill him.

Just when I think I’ve met my quota of know-it-all, I’m-better-than-you, male executives, the universe brings me Chase Bennett.

He may be a handsome billionaire with a panty-dropping smile, but he’s also a big arrogant jerk.

And because fate really is a spiteful b*tch, I get assigned to be his new temporary assistant.

That’s fine. I can handle his holier-than-thou attitude for a few weeks.

I refuse to let his sinful body distract me from my ultimate goal.

Who cares if he has the most deliciously intoxicating scent? Not me.

And his stupidly gorgeous, good looks?

Pffft, he’s just another pretty face I won’t be falling for.

And right about the time I almost give in to the hottest, cockiest CEO in town, he does just what I expect him to do… proving he really does deserve to be called nothing less than Mr. Arrogant.

Mr. Arrogant is a standalone enemies-to-lovers, light angst, romantic comedy with a HEA.

More Than Money series will have you swooning over these sexy billionaires with big wallets and even bigger hearts this July! Grab a fan and a cool drink, it’s about to get hot in here!

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